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Operation Dynamo

Supermint aCommittee posted Jul 16, 17

You’re invited to join the new operation—Operation Dynamo—that was inspired by the events that occurred during the Dunkirk evacuation. The Operation will take players back to the period of the French campaign that unravelled in the vicinity of Dunkirk (Dunkerque) in France. The Operation will require players to reach (backed by allied forces) the evacuation point, carry out the evacuation, and proceed to the safety zone with minimal losses! Perils will encompass you everywhere:

  • Air strikes
  • High-precision fire from onshore batteries
  • Torpedo boat attacks
  • Even underwater you won't be safe—beware the minefields!  

The Operation will be available for players who have reached Level 8 in their Service Record. We will also give two special-purpose Tier V destroyers: the Cyclone (France) and the Anthony (U.K.).

Will you accept the challenge and be able to successfully carry out the important Operation Dynamo?

This will be starting very soon.

Its coming 0.6.6

Supermint aCommittee posted Jun 6, 17

The patch is massive. A whopping 3.6Gb. Yep that's right Gigabytes. It adds a massive amount of content. The patch notes are that huge that I put them in a forum post found here.

New ships inbound aswell as the long awaited scenarios mode. New ULTRA settings for us with too much money.

Really recomend the read captains and enjoy.

Upcomming 0.6.6

Supermint aCommittee posted May 27, 17

What to expect in 0.6.6?


Initially, Cooperative battles were introduced mostly for training purposes or for the sake of upgrading ships from stock to top, but they were never considered a fully-featured game mode. However, we saw that many players enjoyed fighting against bots. The huge amount of positive comments regarding Halloween mode made us certain that a new game mode would be in demand—one in which players are not just fighting until all enemies are defeated or for victory points, but feel like they are real participants in a naval operation. That is why we are introducing a new mode called "Scenarios", which contain “Operations”.  

With the release of update 0.6.6, four different operations will be available that you can have a go at during the Public Test!

In this Operations PvE mode, seven players cooperate against AI enemies in various situations. Take this opportunity to participate in interesting and eventful battles to earn new achievements and valuable rewards. In version 0.6.6, Operations will be available for players with Service Record level 8 or higher, with Tier V and VI ships.

Right after the update, only one operation will be available. Other operations open one by one (you can see the date when the operation will become available displayed over the locked operation) and will become "Operation of the week" until the next operation is unlocked. Operations that have already been unlocked can be played, but only within an extended division that includes at least four players. For testing purposes, we will rotate the "Operation of the week" every hour on the Public Test.

Each operation has a set of main tasks and several optional tasks. If you complete all of them in one run, you will earn the biggest reward! Go for it, or simply have fun with your friends within a division of up to seven teammates. Remember, however, that this is only available in Operations mode.

Specifically for Operations mode, we added new maps, ships, destructible ground facilities, battle interface elements, and even a repair ship! Join in to be amongst the first to try out the new features and changes!

The release of Scenarios will be accompanied by two minor changes: we have changed the battle type selection screen and increased the number of levels in the Service Record to 15 by “inserting” a new Level 8. All details will be available immediately before the release of version 0.6.6.


Audio Improvements

Update 0.6.6 will bring sound improvement all around.

We updated and improved the in-game sound effects, such as weather during battle and ambient environmental sounds, as well as the sound of a ship's flooding. We added new sound effects and updated the existing ones for the movement of all battleships and ambient environmental sounds in ports. We added many music compositions to denote different combat states throughout the interactive in-game music pattern of a battle, for the title track and for the beginning of a battle during countdown.

We’ve introduced dynamic background music consisting of two layers: as the distance closes between you and an enemy ship, more intense music will play with drums and various sound effects like bass or drum plate beats.

The new Ultra High audio quality settings are worth a separate mention. It will be available for download right in the launcher. Version 0.6.6 will bring in intensified gun sounds, vibrant Post Effects for hits, delays to sound effects such as explosions and landing sounds over long distances. This delay is directly related to the distance. The conversion for the most common sound effects will be set at maximum quality.

Mod makers, good news for you! We’ve updated the sound engine WWISE (2016.2.1 build 5995) and all officially released modifications in the .wem format. As is the case with the sounds of main guns, torpedoes and secondary armament, version 0.6.6 will support voiceover mods in the .mp3 format, too.


Other Improvements

As requested by many of our players, we’ve reworked the torpedo-launch functionality. If a ship is destroyed when it is launching torpedoes, all torpedoes will now launch—just give the order in time!

One more enhancement for the torpedo launcher: torpedo tubes will now be included in the “Switch camera automatically to each main gun” function.

To make your gameplay even more enjoyable, we’ve added one more improvement. When designating the target for AA, if line of sight to the aircraft is broken (i.e. the aircraft is temporarily out of detection range) and sight is then re-established, the focus command does not need to be re-designated again until the aircraft have landed or are destroyed.

We have made changes to the Controls Settings as well. We added an intermediate option for the alternative battle interface mode. Now, it has three settings: Off, Adaptive, and Full. Unlike Full, the Adaptive option will show extended information about the ships in three instances: when capturing a target at the specific distance from your ship (approximately 6.7 km), and for a group of ships that fall into the viewing range of your binoculars, depending on the zoom.


Balance Changes

German battleships are no longer the only ones to have special HE shells! Starting from Tier IV, German cruisers will now have it as well. To put it simply, we have increased the HE shells' penetration and now their relatively small damage is compensated by higher penetration.

However, these are not the only chagnes to German cruisers. Nurnberg has become more effective thanks to the circular rotation of its rear main-calibre guns, as this is where the main firepower of the cruiser is concentrated. At the same time, the Tier X Hindenburg is now fully protected from explosions by large-calibre HE shells.

Japanese destroyer Yugumo has been a litle behind in its performance against other Tier IX Destroyers. In many ways it was connected with the limited choice of torpedoes, which forced players to play aggressively at short distances. Such a playstyle is not necessarily enjoyable for everyone, so we decided to broaden the range of options by adding the 12km Type93 mod.3 torpedoes that most players are familiar with. They should allow players to perform better with this ship while using a less aggressive playstyle.

And last, but certanly not least, we have lowered the citadels for the Battleships Montana, Iowa, and Missouri. Their upper border is now almost at the waterline level. This will allow players to play these ships more actively and manoeuvre more freely, as hitting their citadel is now a little harder.

Mintys Notes

This patch should come through in the next couple of weeks. It is currently available on the Test Server and the PvE is quite supreme.
If things go well we might do something special with the PvE mode.

League of the Seas (Update)!

Desteeg31 aCommittee posted Apr 20, 17

Hello gents.

The schedule for league of the seas is up. As luck would have it we can choose Thursday as a game day so we have done that. That way everybody gets to play if they want to join.

Now every week one map is fixed and since its a best of three games both teams get to choose one map which will be there home game. The battle days are fixed but the times are not but i suggest that we make the battle start time 19:30 GMT that will 20:30 CET. This way the clans from the European main land we will be facing will have a relatively normal start time as well as us.

Now every week I will have to go through the details of that weeks match with a representative from the other clan. so my planning will not  be fixed but I think my schedule wont be a problem but keep your eye on the forums regularly during the coming 7 weeks. 

The Ship setup will be 9 ships of which 1 CV, 3 BBs max and a maximum of 2 US DDs. The Lo Yang counts as a US DD. 

Now a couple of ground rules for participating in battles.

1. Tuesdays training session is manditory during the weeks that League of the Seas is going because we will use this day to discus tactics.

2. Training room must be installed on the matchday obviously.

3. On match days be online at least 30 min before the start of the match otherwise you dont get to play.

I will inform you guys as things progress.

League of the Seas

Supermint aCommittee posted Apr 18, 17

As most of you are aware we will be participating in the League of the Seas.

We will be re-arranging some peoples clan tags as per league rules as we cannot use the DGKS2 tags. So for those that want to take part in the League we ask that you take part in the training battles and once we the committee have discussed the performance of those that have taken part we will swap around a few clan tags. This is purely for us to conform with the rules of the League of the Seas.

So please read the War Room posts in the forums for more information as it comes. We would like to do as best we can guys so leave the negative thoughts on the sofa and play hard. Cowardice will also be punished.

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